Celebrating 20 Years As Maui Real Estate Licensee

Written by VW • Volker Weiss on March 6, 2023

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Wow! I must be pretty old now! On March 6th, 2023, it has been exactly twenty years since I became a Maui real estate licensee. Thank you very much to my friends and clients for all your support, as well as trust and confidence in my abilities. The relationships, business and personal, have certainly changed my life and kept me on the island with no intention to leave. I feel blessed to be able to call Maui my chosen home!

The Website

This also means that VWonMaui.com is now 20 years young! "Young" because in its current iteration, the website is completely updated, runs at lightning speed and flawlessly on any device. With tablets or mobile phones in so many hands, we are very excited that VWonMaui.com is taking the lead for mobile Maui real estate search. 

Listing Notifications 

Our newest addition are Listing Notifications. We are now able to prepare customized notifications for you, regardless of whether you are selling, buying or simply watching Maui's real estate market. The links we are emailing are 100% usable. They will link to the proper page of this website. It's a real treat to click them on the phone without long loading times. Sign up here if you have not done so yet. 

The Search Bar

Thank you very much for your excellent feedback on the opening page search feature. The search bar is so easy to use and really works "like Google", doesn't it?! Just click on the Coldwell Banker logo on the top left of every page. That will get you straight to the homepage. Tap on the search bar and start typing. 

What's Next? 

More innovations are coming soon! It's amazing what today's technology allows us to do. We are absolutely excited to present Maui real estate Statistics in a completely different format and all across this site. We invite you to continue reading our blog for updates. 

Life is great on Maui! 

Here's to the next 20 years. Mahalo and stay healthy, VW - Volker Weiss

Written By VW • Volker Weiss


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