All the Best Wishes for a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving Celebration with your family and best friends.

My life is not always about Maui Real Estate. As much as I love to talk to you about Makena Homes and Wailea Condos, I very much enjoy my time away from work. Maui is the Best and I am feel fortunate to live here. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I thank my wife, my family and my friends for their support. Mahalo for your comments & support, also to my team, to help me jump starting my amazing web project. I could have never done it without you.

Keep your email comments coming and I am sure we will be meeting again very soon. Mahalo from the best sun in the world. Mahalo from Maui. Aloha from VW.

Today’s Maui Photo is named “Sunset Colors from La Perouse Bay towards Haleakala”.

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