There is something to be said about Hoolei at Wailea: without going into detail today, these are big town-house style condos, all two story units with single car garage and private elevator. Construction, amenities and interior are of the finest quality any Wailea Condo has to offer.

Out of 120 units total, currently 25 are listed for sale. Prices are from below $3M up until almost $5M. Building A and Building B are at the top of the complex, giving those units an extremely remote feeling. As if they are ‘above everything’. At $2,999M, Hoolei at Wailea A-4 certainly stands out. It is the price, the location and the unobstructed view from both levels. The listing is just a few days on the market and is easy to show.

As for all Wailea Condos and Makena Condos, please check the individual Sales Reports. Visit the Hoolei Plat Map for your orientation. All Wailea plat maps are printable from this site.

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