How An Emotional Support Cat Became An Important Part Of A Wailea Condo Sale

Written by VW • Volker Weiss on April 6, 2021

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His name is Simba. Apparently he had a different name when he was first adopted from the Maui Humane Society in October 2019. But Simba only spent a few days over there. He wasn't more then a handful - a little kitten when I had a chance to meet him first at my client's Wailea condo. And if you've ever seen or dealt with one of these little guys, you'd understand. Of course I fell in love. And so did Monica!

My client was a young-at-heart 'older' lady, a wonderful woman, and a full-time resident at Wailea Palms for the past twenty or so years. There are no pets allowed in this complex! Simba became her certified emotional support cat back in October of 2019, when the world still seemed much more 'normal', if you know what I mean. 

A year later, everything was completely different! It was probably around Christmas time in 2020, maybe a little earlier, when my client was getting worried to be somewhat stuck on Maui for the rest of her life. It was time to prepare for a move to the West Coast to be closer to her daughter and her friends. So far so good. It all made sense. 

Then the problems started ... 

There were so many details and questions! How can you keep showings to a minimum during this pandemic? Can you show the property to interested and qualified buyers only and not to other Maui real estate agents? What do we do with Simba during the showings? Where is Simba going to go during the buyer's home inspection? How to get Simba to the mainland safely? 

Everyone involved was pretty lucky! 

At the end, everyone involved was really pretty lucky and very happy! We ended up with just one showing. The buyers loved this Wailea condo and were very understanding about the seller's needs and problems. Negotiating the right price in a dual agency situation is never easy, but here, it made complete sense for both sides alike. We mastered the due diligence period and my wonderful lady had enough time to pack up and ship her personal belongings.

Tomorrow we will close and officially record on Wailea Palms 3608. This is a one-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plan with 1032 square feet. Wailea Palms 3608 sold for $835,000.00. I am very happy for my buyers! And after almost 18 years and countless open-house-visits, I will very much miss my good, wonderful lady-friend! However, I am happy that she was able to make the move so smoothly. 

And Simba?

Any cat lover will understand when I say "a cat is pretty much always an emotional support animal". And so is Simba! Monica and myself have a beautiful horse, a fabulous dog who is also from the Maui Humane Society, as well as two other rescue cats. Simba is still on Maui. With no surprise, he became part of our family zoo. The decision to keep Simba on the island, gave our seller / friend the peace of mind to leave and start her new life on the West Coast.

To our special friend:
Thank you very much for your trust and confidence over so many years! We know you will be checking in on Simba and hope to welcome you back for a visit some time. A hui hou from Monica and Volker

Written By VW • Volker Weiss


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