There was lots of confusion and frustration when Google in February of 2015 first announced, that websites in general must be mobile friendly to be successfully ranked in the near future. Since April 21st, 2015, Google gives boost to mobile-friendly sites like VWonMaui, as this post in the Wall Street Journal tech section from the same day confirms.

After more then 12 years in the business as full-time Maui Real Estate Agent, I was prepared. There was no surprise! Over the years, VWonMaui evolved into a true brand. The main logo never changed. People talk about the Maui Fan Van, that is currently undergoing a complete renovation. The Google Webmasters are wanting any website to be found. There are no tricks. VWonMaui fully embraced this concept and passes Google’s mobile-friendly test with flying colors.

Together with Google’s announcement last month, we only changed our individual- and multi-listing layout to optimize speed and function. Our Sales Reports and up-to-date Market Lists are presently unique for the South Maui Real Estate market place. And now, there is much more to come! Top Shelf Real Estate Data or simply TSRED was created as an LLC to run this project. We live in South Maui. We are not local, but we chose this to be our home. At VWonMaui, we are experts in South Maui Real Estate. 

In no way do we want to compete with the giants of Zillow and Trulia. We will never offer what can promise. We have our own ideas! VWonMaui does not operate what is known as a “mobile app“. And we probaly never will. VWonMaui is a dedicated highspeed online website to search Wailea Real Estate and Makena Real Estate. Our commitment is to have VWonMaui run on any browser on any device. We want YOU to find us in the office, at home, on the way over to Maui, in YOUR hotel and on the beach. 

If you are looking for South Maui Real Estate, start with VWonMaui. We are eager to meet YOU in person. We know South Maui Real Estate. Aloha from VWonMaui

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