Makena Real Estate

The south end of Maui is Makena and the road ends at La Perouse Bay. I believe that’s why Makena Real Estate is valued as one of the world’s top destinations. The lay of the land is similar to Wailea, but Makena’s density is much lower. With over 1,800 acres yet to be defined, the Makena Resort also includes the “Makena Beach & Golf Resort“, the only hotel down here.

There are currently three Makena Condos outside of new developments. Two are located on pristine beaches with direct oceanfront and they are available as vacation rentals. The area’s seclusion with its famous South Maui beaches, are the main attraction.

Condos in Makena are not the dominant part of the Makena Real Estate community. There are three gated neighborhoods with single-family houses. Most Makena homesare individual properties on larger pieces of land, situated right next or in close proximity to the water. These oceanfront homes in Makena are the essence of paradise, just what you expect from Hawaii.

Palauea Beach 4508 Makena Rd 4508 Makena Rd

5050 Makena Rd 5050 Makena Rd

5050 Makena Rd 5050 Makena Rd

7505 Makena Rd 7505 Makena Rd

4478 Makena Rd 4478 Makena Rd

7555 Makena Rd 7555 Makena Rd

4584 Makena Rd 4584 Makena Rd

Black Sands 5490 Makena Rd 5490 Makena Rd

Makena 7155 Makena Rd 7155 Makena Rd

Papa’anui 5159 Makena Rd 5159 Makena Rd

Papa’anui 5147 Makena Rd 5147 Makena Rd

One Palau’ea Bay 21 Ualei Pl 21 Ualei Pl