What Are the Most Important Real Estate Website Features?

VW ∙ Volker Weiss
VW ∙ Volker Weiss

March 12, 2020

Number one is speed. Time is of the essence. If a real estate website does not load quickly, visitors will check elsewhere. Sellers and buyers are used to the speed of Google, YouTube and Amazon, to provide fast and accurate information. To successfully compete in the Maui real estate business, a website has to load fast. Lightning fast!

Maui Real Estate website that works perfectly on all devices

Secondly, a real estate website needs to be formatted to run on any mobile device. And that means beyond the opening page. It doesn’t matter how you are holding the device. This includes the navigation and all website features. Listings and searches alike. Most sites are designed on desktop computers, but real estate sellers and buyers are increasingly searching for vacation condos and homes on their mobile devices.

Make no mistake! Everything else is less important. You can Google a list of essential options for real estate websites. But being able to physically navigate and explain your functional website to any Maui real estate seller or buyer on THEIR mobile device, is always a win.

High performing Maui Real Estate Website

Today feels like Christmas and my birthday are on the same day! I am happy to announce and present to you my new Maui real estate website, the much improved and anticipated VWonMaui.com

We are proudly introducing our partners at Mauka Web Media: “The VWonMaui website is hosted securely on the Google Cloud Platform, with the backend storing the real estate listings data in a high-performance Google Firestore database. The frontend user interface is built using cutting edge web technologies: React and Material UI, with Gatsby server side rendering framework, to help achieve extremely fast page loading times.”

Volker Weiss' Maui Real Estate website runs perfectly on mobile

We are introducing the newest technology for South Maui real estate. With optimized compatibility and performance on every device. Experience lighting fast accelerated search results. All while having zero delays or login requirements for all basic functions. An accurate information source in an ever-changing marketplace with continuous updates. Solely devoted, exclusively to the South Maui resort areas of Kihei, Wailea and Makena.

Simple. Fast. Results. Your search begins at VWonMaui.com

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