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As South Maui Real Estate Agents, we have organized these Sales Reports by individual South Maui Condos and districts in the area. They include all active listings, currently pending sales and the dates with prices of recently sold properties. Our Sales Reports are “handcrafted”, custom-made reports. Presently, they are offered for “FREE” on our website, simply because we are using them on a regular basis to communicate with YOU, our clients. If YOU are seeking an update for a particular report or if YOU desire further information, please contact us at your convenience. Mahalo from VWonMaui.

Wailea Condos (PDFs)

Makena Condos (PDFs)

South Maui Homes (PDFs)

South Maui Vacant Land (PDFs)

Kihei Condos (PDFs), located south of Kalama Park

Kihei Condos (PDFs), located north of Kalama Park 

If YOU would like to see YOUR favorite Kihei Condo complex added to this list, please let us know. Should YOU require older information for any of these South Maui Condos, or, if YOU are interested in available data for a very specific time period only, please do not hesitate to ask. Upon request, we may also supply further details on individual sold properties.

Our Maui Real Estate Statistics will be dealing with comprehensive historic information. YOU may choose to read updates on our Maui Real Estate Blog. Or you can contact us directly. Aloha from VWonMaui.