My VW Van is the original search engine! For an American, this might be the free spirit of the "Californian Surfer Van Culture", with a twist of the trendy "Tiny House" movement. For a former German citizen, VWonMaui, this simply is "Classic Maui Real Estate on Wheels". Home is where I park it. 

Roughly 28 square feet, offering 2 beds on 2 semi-private levels. No kitchen, shower or bathroom, yet, the feeling of total luxury if you get it! A child's dream of being completely independent became reality. Mostly with spectacular ocean views, although this depends on where we drive and stop. Always with mellow tunes and Maui's famous ocean breeze. 

My VW Van is priceless! It's not for sale and not for rent. A labor of love from some very good friends. It's simply for your viewing pleasure, to share a smile and make you happy. smiley 

Aloha from Volker Weiss, aka VWonMaui 

PS: The complete renovation of The VW Van will be revealed very soon ...