The Realtor’s Caravan for Maui Real Estate is scheduled for different island locations, always on the same weekday. The South Maui Caravan is every Tuesday morning at 9:00AM. The rotating schedule covers Wailea, including Makena and Maui Meadows, South Kihei up until Lipoa Street, and the rest is North Kihei and Maalea. There are basically three areas, meaning each area comes up every third week. Tomorrow is the Wailea Caravan.

Our meeting usually lasts about 45 minutes and we will then get to see new or newer listings. The meeting is an additional chance to communicate with fellow agents and price reductions, pocket listings or properties that will be available for sale very soon. It is a great networking opportunity for all agents and a great way to show off new listings. It is a good idea for Sellers to time a listing for a great introduction during a Realtor’s Caravan for the respective area. Easy to get valuable feedback.

If you are around and would like to join me any time, please let me know and I will take you as my guest. If you are interested in Maui Real Estate, you will enjoy meeting the people and properties. The night before, we receive an email with the next day’s schedule. And here is what to expect tomorrow (click to extend the view):

Today’s photo from South Maui is a beautiful location across from Na Hale O Makena, right on the water. To the right are a few homes visible from the ocean front residential area of Makena Place. The Makena Condo Complex further down is Makena Surf. These are some of the most beautiful locations and pretty much everything around there is built or will stay protected. Other then the ocean, there is nothing much to hear. An excellent quiet spot to relax and recharge. Maui is the Best!

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